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N(oel) scented candle, O(r) scented candle, E(toile) scented candle, L(ove) scented candle.
On the Slopes scented candles, top row, l-r: green '16' 'in the forest', black '35' 'on the glacier'; bottom row, l-r: red '23' 'mulled wine', blue '02' 'at the fireside'.
Winter Garden, Beau Sapin / Beautiful Tree, scented candle.
Christmas candles, l-r: Christmas red, Christmas green.
4 gold dinner candles.
4 gold taper candles.
Taper candles l-r: white, ivory, clementine, Christmas red.
Stag brass candle snuffer.
Bag of 13 gold mini candles.
Christmas red pillar candles, l-r: votive - 10 hr, small - 50 hr, medium - 75 hr, large - 125 hr burn time.
Red Pillar Candle
From €2.80
Tealight tongs.
Off-white 24 cm dinner candles in a bundle.
Box 50 Tea Lights
Cozy nectarine scented candle, red vessel with gold base, in gift box.
Clean Slate Candles
Red tealight, box of 9, burn time of 4 hours.
Off-white 30 cm taper candles in a bundle.
Shades of blue dinner candles colour sample,l-r: St Barts, Belle Ile, Ouessant, Cap Ferrat and St malo.
Shades of green dinner candles colour sample, l-r: basil, meadow, olive, moss.
Naturals dinner cadles colour sample, l-r: white, linen, cloud, slate, black.
Shades of pink-purple dinner candle colour samples, l-r: pale pink, dahlia, peony, heather, pansy.
Off-white pillar candles, l-r: votive, 10 cm, 15 cm, and 20 cm.
Ivory Pillar Candle
From €2.50
Shades of yellow-orange-red dinner candle colour samples, l-r: sunflower, pollen, clementine, nasturtium, tomato.
Candle sharpener.
Candle Parer