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Salt Cod terracotta with deep blue glazed interior salt container.
Fish Salt Cod
Sea Creatures earthenware Starfish platter, 39 cm, from above.
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Sardines and Coral earthenware platter with blue shoal of sardines and pink coral motif.
Big Fish, Little Fish earthenware platter with big blue fish in pursuit of shoal of small blue fish.
White marble square salt jar with bras spoon.
White bird salt jar with bamboo spoon.
White bird ceramic serving platter.
Bow+Oval Platter
Splatter earthenware platter.
Sea Creatures earthenware Shoal serving bowl, 39 cm.
Sea Creatures earthenware Shoal platter, 36.5 cm.
Shoal Platter
Sea Creatures earthenware Whale platter, 36.5 cm.
Whale Platter
UNC Kuba large ceramic spoon / mini plate with gold handle.
Bamboo mini fork, pack of 12.