Pumpkin Solar Lantern Teal


This eye-catching solar-powered LED lantern is the perfect centerpiece for any garden or outdoor space. Made from Tyvek, a durable, weatherproof material, and includes a hanging hook. The lantern can remain outdoors all year round. Use in groups  to create a Summer party vibe.

Size  Ø: 30 cm; h: 24 cm.
Materials Tyvek; metal.
Information Outdoor use only.


With a built-in rechargeable battery, the LED light will automatically turn on at dusk and last around 6 hours.  The solar panel is at the top of the light and needs to be hung in full sunlight for maximum effect.

The  design has patterns cut in the textile, which gives them a very different, special look when it's dark, similar paper lanterns can't be used outside and "silk" would fray when cut. Tyvek is the only material suitable for such treatment.

The Tyvek material is cut into pieces and patterns and the each piece is individually glued together by hand, hence there may be some unevenness in the seams that obviously will not be apparent when the light is operated in the dark. Temporary stand is included which will help if the lamp needs to be unhooked to be charged in full sun.

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