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Prince bust glass tree decoration.
Ziggy Stardust bust glass tree decoration.
Cher bust glass tree decoration.
Coc Chanel bust glass tree decoration.
Karl Lagerfeld bust with dog glass tree decoration.
Anna Wintour glass tree decoration.
Iris Apfel bust glass tree decoration.
Yayoi Kusama bust glass tree decoration.
Vincent Van Gogh with bandaged head glass tree decoration.
Stack of blue, red and green books with sparkle spines, plass tree decoration.
Camping trailer with awning, Christmas tree and gifts metal tree decoration.
Pheasant 65 cm feather bird with clip decoration.
Gold glitter body with red feather pheasant tail feather bird with clip decoration.
Feather bird clip with gold glitter body and red tail; 27 cm.
Feather Bird Clip Tree Decorations
Feather Bird Hanging Tree Decorations
Flying stork with silver glitter legs, 21 cm tree decoration.
Gold Bird Clip Tree Decorations
Glass pensive owl with feather wings and glitter embellishment, 12 cm hanging tree decoration.
Green ostrich feather with gold glitter shaft hanging tree decoration.
Millpond ducks, l-r: drake, duck.
Cat with Christmas wreath collar glass tree decoration.
L-R, Dachshund, French Bulldop, Pug and Jack Russell in woolly jumper and hats glass tree decorations.
Kittens glass tree decorations, with, top row, l-r: pink collar with bell, turquoise collar with gems; bottom row l-r: floral headscarf colalr, Christmas wreath collarand pink bow collar.
Dogs glass tree decoration, top row: Shnauzer; middle row, l-r: Corgi, Terrier; bottom row, l-r: Dachshund, Poodle, King Charles Spaniel.
Festive dachshund, l-r, brown and black, holding Christmas wreaths glass tree decoartions.
Festive black labrador with tartan and pompom collar glass tree decoration.
Sledding woodland animals glass tree decoration.
Gold headphones glass tree decoration.
Chroma bolt glass tree decoration.
Chequered shoe glass tree decoration.
Typewriter glass tree decoration.
Avocado Glass Tree Decoration
Lemon with silver sparkle leaves and branch glass tree decoration.
Peach with glitter leaves and branch glass tree decoration.
Yellow fat glass bug with clip decoration.
Crystal branch with 3 'candles' 18 cm crystal glass jewel tree decoration.
Red acrylic ball with red organza ribbon hanging tree decoration.
Shiny red 10 cm glass Christmas tree decoration, with red velvet hanging ribbon.
Burgundy Feather Ball Tree Decoration
Cream feather in 10 cm clear glass ball tree decoration.
Dried straw in clear glass ball with metal collar tree decoration.
Clear glass ball with glass drops embellishment and leather hanger 10 cm glass ball tree decoration.
Crystal-cut star-diamond glass ball 8cm Christmas tree decoration.
Gold-etched star glass ball 8cm Christmas tree decoration.
Gold & Glass Ball Tree Decoration
Marbled Glass Ball Tree Decoration
Iced White Glass Ball Tree Decoration
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