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Dún Laoghaire Bandstand Tea Towel
Spun Trivet
Spun Trivet
Dogs collection placemat.
Monday's child, children's mug with platinum text.
Sharing peacock extra large oval ceramic dish.
Sharing satin charcoal oval ceramic plate.
Sharing Petal peacock ceramic dish.
Sharing Petal brick ceramic bowl.
Sharing Feston charcoal ceramic scalloped bowl.
Sharing Syam peacock ceramic scalloped bowl.
Sharing brick ceramic footed bowl.
Sharing satin ivory ceramic salad bowl.
Avenida Home Elephant purple 100% linen tea towel.
Purple Dahlia coaster.
Purple Dahlia placemat.
Sepia glass mug.
Capsule heat resistant glass and stainless steel lidded carafe.
Capsule Carafe
Ryumon medium Koi fish plate.
Tadpole bamboo tumbler.
Sakura bamboo small bowl.
Fisheye bamboo 14 cm plate.
A  Little Colour turquoise painted square enamel meze plate.
A  Little Colour yellow painted small enamel meze plate.
A  Little Colour turquoise painted large enamel meze plate.
A  Little Colour blue painted enamel tray.
Terrain half drip-glaze mug.
Heather Mug
Terrain large plate.
Terrain half drip-glaze teapot.
Heather Teapot
Terrain half drip-glaze sugar bowl.
Terrain half drip-glaze milk jug.
Hazel dimple grey mug.
Gatherings brown fern mug.
Gatherings green herringbone oval plate.
Kinto Sepia glass teacup with teak saucer.
Pebble moss green teapot.
Brim white teapot with stainless steel infuser.
Veggies linen tea towel.
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Sardines linen tea towel.
Dachshund coaster.
Marble triple jar with white, black and rose marble stackable jars with acacia lid.
Sold Out
Drop drinking glass, blue.
Willow non-slip Unitea rectangular tray.
Willow non-slip Unitea small tray.
Foster water glass, set of 2.
Foster steel tumbler with gold coloured interior.
Foster Tumbler
Emma pale blue strorage jar with beechwood lid.
Emma Vacuum Coffee Pot
Swish black paint brushstroke platter with charcoal splatter across the centre.
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