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Capsule heat resistant glass and stainless steel lidded carafe.
Capsule Carafe
Sunset orange recycled glass tumbler.
Ocean blue recycled glass jug.
Drop drinking glass, blue.
Foster white porcelain milk jug.
Foster white porcelain thermo cup.
Foster water glass, set of 2.
Foster steel tumbler with gold coloured interior.
Foster Tumbler
Emma pale blue strorage jar with beechwood lid.
Amber champagne coupe.
Ribbed glass champagne coupe.
Ribbed clear glass decanter.
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Glass tea / coffee mug, large.
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Ribbed blue glass tumbler.
Fish and fish green glass large tumber.
Fish and fish 'Milk' white and 'Jadeite' green glass salt and pepper shaker set.
Fish and fish green glass carafe.
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Fish and fish 'Depression' green glass bottle with lid.
Zinc coffee glass.
Alter tall 750 ml glass carafe.
Bistrot wine glass, small.
Coteau wine goblet.
Fish and fish 'Jadeite' green glass large tumber.
Foster steel carafe with gold coloured stopper and interior.
Foster Carafe