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Bread Bag Pk 2
Bread Bag Pk 2
Decanter dual bristle washing up brush.
Brush - Dish
Milk bottle brushes in can, styled.
Laptop dusting brush.
Brushes - Kitchen
Delta dust pan and brush.
Dublin Bridges cotton tea towel.
Irish Lighthouses cotton tea towel.
Goergian Doors cotton tea towel, with primary coloured doors.
50 cm ostrich feather duster, oiled cherrywood handle.
110 cm ostrich feather duster, untreated beechwood handle.
Only 2 left!
150 cm to 220 cm ostrich feather duster, untreated beechwood and plastic extendable handle.
Only 2 left!
Oiled oak, turned handle, doorstop.
Umbrella Lilac - Olympe
Umbrella Orange - Auguste
Umbrella Stripped Navy and White - Pablo
Umbrella Stripped White and Navy - Henri