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193 plant pot large, blue-grey glaze.
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Honey
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Ivory
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Old Rose
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Olive
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Rust
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Yellow
Box of 8 Dinner Candles
Shades of blue dinner candles colour sample,l-r: St Barts, Belle Ile, Ouessant, Cap Ferrat and St malo.
Shades of green dinner candles colour sample, l-r: basil, chive, olive, moss.
Shades of pink-purple dinner candle colour samples, l-r: pale pink, dahlia, peony, lilac, heather, pansy.
Shades of yellow-orange-red dinner candle colour samples, l-r: sunflower, pollen, clementine, nasturtium, tomato.
6 Twisted Candles - Apple Green
6 Twisted Candles - Light Blue
6 Twisted Candles - Pink
Aesthetic Glass Candlestick - Wood Rush
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Asya vase, blue stoneware irregular shaped vase with handle-like hole (on r/h/s).
Asya Vase
Begonia Jug Yellow
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Bell Candle Holder
Benette Vase
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Benette Vase
Berries storage basket with handles.
Berries Basket
Birthday Candles
Laboratorio D'Estorias Portuguese blackbird decorative object.
Bubbles Glass Candlestick - Dessert Sage (Click and Collect Only)
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Bulb Vase
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Bulb Vase
Circle brass-finish iron candleholder, simple holder with vertical circle as a finger holder.
Circular Bunnies Mobile
Clean Slate espresso and coconut scented candle in apothecary-style jar, with aroma notes.
Cuzco Vase Mustard
Dandelion 120 warm white LED large outdoor solar stake.
Dandelion 96 warm white LED small outdoor solar stake.
Danta standing antique brass frame, for 8" x 10" photograph.
Dardo Vase
Dardo Vase
Dragonfly Wall Decoration
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Dream Tree 3D pop out card.
Blue / black honeycomb patterned flowerpot with gold base.
Earl Flowerpot
Elveda vase, onion-shaped black stoneware with rows of white verticle lines.
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Elveda Vase
Flensted 3 Balloons (coloured) mobile.
Folklore 40 cm circle, with 108 led lights - battery operated, styled hanging on a wall over a sofa and side table.
Frost - Glass Plate L
Frost - Glass Plate L
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Frost - Glass Plate M
Frost - Glass Plate M
€8.95 €17.95
Giant Lady beetle 3D cardboard wall decoration.
Giant Butterfly Decoration - Bellissima
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Giant Butterfly Decoration - Mint Forest
Giant Butterfly Decoration - Purple Eyed
Giant Dragonfly Decoration - Blue
Goodness Vase
Goodness Vase
Himba Candlestick
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