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Alarm Clock
Alarm Clock
Anemone Felt Flower
Artan Vase
Artan Vase
Artem Vase
Artem Vase
Asya vase, blue stoneware irregular shaped vase with handle-like hole (on r/h/s).
Asya Vase
Ata vase, yellow stoneware, art-deco style rectangular shape.
Ata Vase
Honey bee wall decration, set of 3.
Only 1 left!
Beetle Wall Decoration
Begonia Jug Green
Begonia Jug Yellow
Bell Candle Holder
Birthday Candles
Box of 4 extra-large tea lights in clear cups, unboxed.
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Honey
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Ivory
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Old Rose
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Olive
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Orange
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Pastel Blue
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Rust
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Yellow
Clear cup tea lights, 10 of 60.
Box of 8 Dinner Candles
Branch - Golden Bell Flowers
Branch - Pink Berries
Bubble Glass Tealight Holder- Apricot
Bulb Glass Candlestick - White
Only 2 left!
Bulb Vase
Bulb Vase
Bulb Vase-Light Green
Butterfly Wall Decoration
Carolina Vase- Dancing Stripes
Circle brass-finish iron candleholder, simple holder with vertical circle as a finger holder.
Clean Slate Candle - Barista
Clean Slate Candle - Billow
Clean Slate Candle - Cardamom and Spice
Clean Slate Candle - Dappled
Clean Slate Candle - Fig Tree
Clean Slate Candle - Homebody
Clean Slate Candle - Patchouli and Rose Geranium
Clean Slate Candle - Smoulder
Clean Slate Candle - Soleil
Clean Slate Candle - Sweet Tobacco and Black Pepper
Collo Vase Green
Collo Vase Vanilla
Comet butterfly wall decoration, set of 3.
Como Candle Holder
Two Dandelion 120 warm white LED large outdoor solar stake illuminating a garden path.
Davi Candlestick
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