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Anit large brass candleholder, for dinner candle.
Azizi antique brass landscape frame, for 8" x 10" photograph.
Azizi small standing brass frame to fit 4" x 6" photograph.
Bazaar pierced ceramic hurricane lantern.
Lady beetles, set of 2 cardboard decorative object.
Big Stripe small, blue/grey striped vases.
Big Stripe small rose/caramel striped vases.
Blown round mouth-blown glass vase.
Blue / black honeycomb patterned flowerpot with gold base.
Bronze stoneware vase.
Pink dragonfly cardboard decorative object.
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Capsule blue stripe glass vase.
Capsule green stoneware vase.
Beaufort classic boat cardboard decorative object.
Bag of 50 clear cup tealights.
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Crackle aqua, 10 cm candleholder.
Cylinder blue ombre vase.
Cylinder Vase
Dachshund doorstop.
Daikon blue stoneware vase.
Daikon Vase
Danta standing antique brass frame, for 8" x 10" photograph.
Laboratorio D'Estorias Portuguese blackbird decorative object.
Bougies la Francaise box of 12 non-drip candles.
Egg green ombre vase.
Egg turquoise vase.
Elephant synthetic leather paperweight, grey.
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Eng tall vase, mocha.
Eng Vase
Cockatoo cardboard decorative object.
Flensted Cats (black) mobile.
Giraffe synthetic leather paperweight.
Gloss green glass vase.
Gold exterior, pale green interior votive.
Gold interior green stoneware votive.
Green glass votive and vase set with round paulownia tray.
8 votive set on paulownia wood tray.
Hippo bookend.
Honeycomb natural stoneware vase.
Honeycomb Spring paper decorative balls; 10 cm; 15 cm and 20 cm diameter.
Inca brown stoneware flowerpot.
Jade rectangular planter.
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Jade Planter
Kiko antique brass portrait frame, for 8" x 10" photograph.
Leaf dark grey ceramic flowerpot.
Leaf green glass vase with brass base.
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Little animal cardboard plaque, panda.
Misty small blue drip-glazed flowerpot.
Natural flowerpot with black iron stand.
Nature cream round stoneware vase.
Naya green enameled metal flowerpot.
Naya Flowerpot
Naya green enameled metal vase.
Naya Vase
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