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Dachshund doorstop.
Hippo bookend.
Elephant synthetic leather paperweight, grey.
Cockatoo cardboard decorative object.
Honey bee cardboard decorative object.
Rosalia beetle cardboard decorative object.
T-Rex 3d cardboard decorative object.
Unicorn 3d cardboard decorative object.
Pink Comet butterfly cardboard decorative object.
Laboratorio D'Estorias Portuguese blackbird decorative object.
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Laboratorio D'Estorias Portuguese ladybird decorative object.
Concrete jar with blue crackle glazed lid.
Concrete Jar
Vintage spectacles porcelain rectangular trinket tray.
Bird & stars porcelain trinket tray.
Vintage typewriter porcelain square trinket tray.
Owl by Patch NYC porcelain trinket tray.
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Lorena Siminovich set of 4 porcelain coasters.
Celestial by Alice Scott set of 4 porcelain coasters.
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Flensted Cats (black) mobile.
Giant Stag beetle cardboard decorative wall plaque.
Giant butterfly cardboard wall decoration.
Giant dragonfly cardboard wall decoration.
Jungle Puma cardboard wall plaque.
Gili paradise bird cardboard decorative object.
Sea Horses cardboard decorative wall decorative objects.
Water hyacinth basket, 41 cms.