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Glass ball, amber with leather string for greenery or tea lights.
Butterfly hanging Easter decorations, 3 sizes, shaped and painted feather butterflies.
Easter mobile with rooster, hen and 4 chicks.
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Chick Mobile
Circular Bunnies Mobile
Single balloon mobile.
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Life and Thread mobile with blue, yellow, black and red 'sails' orbitting a small green globe.
Honey Bee Wall Decoration
Evi tray, caramel marble carved in the shape of a flower.
Evi Tray
Ngan green'face' shaped stoneware tray.
Ngan Tray
Tulsi trinket tray by Designers Guild with basil leaf motif in green and blue.
Banana Leaf shaped medium trinket tray with geren banana leaf print and gilded edge.
Mama & Baby Seal
Russell Terrier bookend.
West Highland Terrier bookend.
Grasshopper 3D cardboard wall decoration.
Pink Bee 3D decorative wall object.
Wrap Hooks, Circle
Aif Flow 24 white 'spiral staircase' mobile with beech weight.
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Gili swinging pop-out bird with A6 card and envelope.
Comet butterfly wall decoration, set of 3.
Green dragonfly wall decoration, set of 3.
Honey bee wall decration, set of 3.
Futura Natura mobile, stainless steel and natural wooden balls.
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Flowing Rhythm red and black mobile.
Happy Dog oak, maple and leather figure with adjustable legs and head.
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Happy Dog
Tinder dog money box.
Giant green dragonfly 3D cardboard wall decoartion.
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Giant butterfly cardboard wall decoration.
Copper butterfly 3D decorative wall object.
Savu paradise bird cardboard decorative object.
Giant Lobster cardboard decorative wall decoration.
Giant Lady beetle 3D cardboard wall decoration.
Flensted 3 Balloons (coloured) mobile.
Pink dragonfly cardboard decorative object.
Violin beetle 3D cardboard decorative object.
Hippo bookend.
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Snug long coat hook, painted back board with pastel yellow, grey, mint and blue painted pegs (5 in total).
Long Coat Hook
Liney Basket
Liney Basket