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Face tall brown glazed stoneware vase.
Face Tall Vase
Abstract Deco terracotta platter/tray with pale blue and dark blue abstract glaze.
Stoneware double height flowerpot.
Duo Flowerpot
Frieze Deco terracotta vase with leaf motif frieze.
Abstract Deco terracotta tall vase, with pale blue and dark blue glaze.
Abstract Deco small terracotta vase with pale blue and dark blue abstract glaze.
Soph tall white textured glaze vase.
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Soph Tall Vase
Soph chimney white textured glaze vase.
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Soph white textured glaze vase with hole and standing on short legs.
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Miza large green glass vase with brass collar.
Kavari small black glazed ceramic wall-hung planter with chevron design.
191 porcelain plant pot earth grey.
Sacco brown glass large vase.
Sacco green glass medium vase.
Sacco grey glass small vase.
Luna large glass vase with brass collar.
Face grey glazed flowerpot.
Face Flowerpot
Brydis small white glazed stoneware flowerpot on short legs.
Arkin Enamel Vase
Tortoise deco green glazed terracotta flowerpot.
Concentric green and black glazed wide vase.
Galaxy black and white matt glazed vases, set of 3, l-r: h: 7.5 cm; Ø: 10 cm; h: 10 cm; Ø: 8.5 cm; h: 12.5 cm; Ø: 6 cm.
Bugle blue glazed vase with handle.
Bugle Vase
Green Glass Vase
Owl Flowerpot
Owl Flowerpot
Volume pink glass bud vase.
Arnstein leaf motif large vase, natural.
Triple test tube vase.
Grey trellis small flowerpot.
Straight blue stoneware flowerpot in gold saucer.
Blue / black honeycomb patterned flowerpot with gold base.
Pomeganate green crackle stoneware vase.
Stamped clay vase, white-wash glaze.
Pollen (yellow) drip glazed stoneware wide vase.
Pollen Vase
Lemon Yellow glazed terracotta vase.
Seepod olive green stoneware vase.
Thumb Print black and white flowerpot.