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191 porcelain plant pot earth grey.
192 plant pot with saucer, beige.
192 Plant Pot
193 plant pot large, blue-grey glaze.
Atsu brass hanging planter with leather hangers.
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Blue / black honeycomb patterned flowerpot with gold base.
Blue-brown textured glaze ceramic plant pots, set of 2.
Face grey glazed flowerpot.
Face Flowerpot
Handle white ceramic planter with hanging handle, large.
Visage white stoneware 'face' flowerpot.
Imoa flowerpot, rough glazed stoneware with four feet, and blue/sandglazed upper.
Imoa Flowerpot
Kavari small black glazed ceramic wall-hung planter with chevron design.
Mahika black metal hanging planter with etched design, large.
Nkosi flowerpot, terracotta with blue/grey/white speckled glaze.
Noak Flowerpot
Soft white footed ceramic planter, large.
Tembesi mini etched exterior brass planter.
Purple glazed waffle plant pot, large.
Yellow upturned bell-shaped plant pots, l-r: small and large.
Botany Terracotta Plant Pot