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American red cedar moth repellant hooks, set of 2.
Wine glass washing up brush.
Sea Creatures earthenware Octopus salad bowl, 30 cm.
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Bee Free, yellow, black and white, 100% cotton tea towel, folded.
Bee Tea Towel
Mahika black aluminium tray with hand-etched intricate pattern, 40.5 cm diameter.
Mahika Tray
Brass-finish aluminium tray with hammered pattern, 32 cm diameter.
Brass Tray
Dogs, black and white, 100% cotton tea towel, folded.
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Dogs Tea Towel
Cats, line-drawn red and white, 100% cotton tea towel,folded.
Cats Tea Towel
Blue Dogs, blue and white, 100% cotton tea towel, folded.
Angels of the Deep, blue, red and white, 100% cotton tea towel, folded.
Decanter dual bristle washing up brush.
Decanter Brush
Tempest blue decanter and smoked glass set, shown as each item.
Bee Free black, yellow and white fine bone china mug by Arthouse Unlimited.
Unitea beech rounded-off square coaster.
Dublin Bridges cotton tea towel.
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Goergian Doors cotton tea towel, with primary coloured doors.
Irish Lighthouses cotton tea towel.
Ceramic Lab mug, white.
'O' mouth-blown glass pitcher.
'O' Pitcher
CAST clear glass olive oil / sauce jug.
CAST Oil Jug
CAST clear glass milk jug with glass lid.
CAST clear glass water jug with lid.
CAST Water Jug
CAST Canister
Leather round placemat, pink.
Leather round coasters; top row, l-r: navy,pink; middle row, l-r: mint, dark grey; bottom row, l-r: light grey, brick.
Good Morning espresso cup, white glaze with gold-finish handle.
Good Morning Gold Circle
Mahika black metal hanging planter with etched design, large.
Quartz coloured glass bowls, from top, green, rose,amber.
Dogs dog food fine bone china bowl.
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