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Dublin County Series 50 cm x 70 cm print.
Ireland typographic map, 50 cm x 70 cm, deep sea green, pictured framed.
Dublin typographic map, 70 cm x 50 cm, sheer slate, pictured framed.
The Blue Cape 30 x 40 cm unframed print, shoulders, neck and bobbed hair of the subject wearing a blue cape.
Her 30 x 40 cm unframed print, abstract portrait in blue and earth colours.
Her Print
Dressage 30x40 cm print.
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Dressage Print
Soft Yellow, 30x40cm print.
Black Pants 30x40 cm print.
The Pink Dress, 30 x 40 cm unframed print, subject in a pink gown with black torso.
The Saffron Dress, 30x40 cm print.
Girls three girls holding hands and wading out on blue background facing away 30x40 cm print.
Girls Print
Surfers print of 4 surfers on coloured surf boards, on a sea blue background
Surfers Print
Linocut I (1) 30 x 40 cm unframed print, blue central body nude.
Silhouette crayon line drawing of a woman's head and face, 30 x 40 cm print.
Serious Dreamer 30x40 cm print.
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Levitation III (3) 30 x 40 cm unframed print, quartered with, clockwise from bottom left quarter, 'wave', 'seaweed', 'sun', and 'anemone' in blue and white, with orange 'sun'.
Stacked Lines 1, 30x40 cm print.
Solid Shapes 02 ochre background with white and indigo shapes 30x40 cm print.
Scale 'A' II Print
Scale 'A' III Print
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Scale 'A' X Print
Deconstruct 122 Print A3
Deconstruct 143 Print A3
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Deconstruct 382 Print A3
Deconstruct 45 Print A3
New Yorker - Fall Library
New Yorker - Garage Velos
Sold Out
New Yorker - Horse Jumping
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New Yorker - NYC Moment
New Yorker - Roof Party
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New Yorker - Way to Brooklyn
Dublin bridges A4 print.
Georgian doors, primary colours, A4 print.