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Dublin County Series 50 cm x 70 cm print.
Deconstruct 143 Print A3
Deconstruct 382 Print A3
Deconstruct 45 Print A3
Dressage 30x40 cm print.
Dressage Print
Dublin bridges A4 print.
Dublin pubs A4 print.
Georgian doors, primary colours, A4 print.
Linocut I (1) 30 x 40 cm unframed print, blue central body nude.
Mono Collage V Print A3
Mono Signal I Print A3
Scale A I A3 fuschia, turquoise and blue abstract print by Herald Black.
Scale 'A' III Print
Scale 'A' X Print
Surfers print of 4 surfers on coloured surf boards, on a sea blue background
Surfers Print