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12 Days of Christmas Card
4 gold dinner candles.
4 gold taper candles.
Christmas candles, l-r: Christmas red, Christmas green.
Taper candles l-r: white, ivory, clementine, Christmas red.
Red acrylic ball with red organza ribbon hanging tree decoration.
Anna Wintour glass tree decoration.
Avocado Glass Tree Decoration
Mint ribbed glass ball with organza hanging ribbon, tree decoration.
Robin 3D cardboard tree decoration.
Black tree light - battery operated.
Thin snowflake porcelain votive.
Stack of blue, red and green books with sparkle spines, plass tree decoration.
Yellow fat glass bug with clip decoration.
L-R, Dachshund, French Bulldop, Pug and Jack Russell in woolly jumper and hats glass tree decorations.
Burgundy Feather Ball Tree Decoration
Cabana Chic beaded light chain - battery operated.
Camping trailer with awning, Christmas tree and gifts metal tree decoration.
Chequered shoe glass tree decoration.
Cher bust glass tree decoration.
Christmas car based on the VW Beetle, with gifts tied to the roof.
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Are we there yet, Magi on camels.
Cat with Christmas wreath collar glass tree decoration.
Christmas Crib pop out and play cardboard nativity scene.
Christmas Crib
Red with gold and black triple leaf Indian papier mache 7 cm, ball tree decoration, no background.
Red Dublin Georgian door and fanlight on a pink background Christmas card with 'Nollaig shona duit' (Happy Christmas to you) and a Christmas wreath hanging on the door.
Christmas tree 'To:' and 'From:' gift tag with red and white cord tie.
Merry Christmas red and white fat robin tag, red-tipped matches in stoppered bottle.
Big bear, red background with white Christmas trees, square box of white-tipped matches.
Merry Christmas card with girl with big hair draped in candy canes and fairy lights.
Season'r Greetings Christmas preparation activities Christmas card.
Christmas curling 10 metre ribbon in three colours: yellow / khaki / bordeaux.
Season's greetings, robin pop-up card, open.
Season's Greetings letterpress snowflake card.
Cardboard Christmas tree with squirrel, large.
Concrete matt white Chrisrmas tree.
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree single-sided 'Merry Christmas' greetings cards and soft white envelopes in box of 8.
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Chroma bolt glass tree decoration.
Lemon with silver sparkle leaves and branch glass tree decoration.
Classical Art micropuzzle mix, l-r: Botticelli, Vermeer, Hokusai, Toulous-Lautrec, and Klimt.
Coco cluster light chain with amber and clear beads, and 100 led lights - battery operated, from above.
Coc Chanel bust glass tree decoration.
Copper with green dots 10 cm glass tree decoration.
Cream feather in 10 cm clear glass ball tree decoration.
Crystal branch with 3 'candles' 18 cm crystal glass jewel tree decoration.
Crystal-cut star-diamond glass ball 8cm Christmas tree decoration.
Die cut Merry Christmas card with a girl in a Santa hat and shades.
Diplodocus 3D cardboard tree decoration.
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