15 Products
'O' mouth-blown glass pitcher.
'O' Pitcher
Angle clear glass handle-less jug, facetted surface and angled body.
Angle green glass facetted tumbler.
Astrid Champagne Flute
Coloured base glass, top row l-r: yellow base and pink base; bottom row l-r: green-blue base and amber base, set of 4.
Coteau wine goblet.
Fish and fish green glass large tumber.
Fish and fish 'Depression' green glass bottle with lid.
Zinc coffee glass.
Rosy rose-coloured champagne flute.
Rosy rose-coloured cocktail glass.
Stripe glass jug l-r: clear/green/yellow and clear/amber/pink.
Stripe green / yellow and amber / pink glasses, set of 2.
Veneer charcoal 'belt' and charcoal glass pitcher.
Veneer birch 'belt' and clear glass pitcher.