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Abstract face stoneware vase with line drawn abstract face on a natural background with earth-toned brush strokes.
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Ada purple and white striped glass vase.
yellow and white stripe glass vase by broste
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Bagel Vase / Lantern
Breeze large and small etched clear glass vase / tealight holders styled with a candle in the small and cereal ears in the large.
Bugle blue glazed vase with handle.
Bugle Vase
Bulb  Recycled Glass Vase Apricot Pink (Click and Collect only)
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Capsule pink/clear extending glass vase.
Elice vase, bottle shaped with incised curves in white glaze.
Elice Vase
Elveda vase, onion-shaped black stoneware with rows of white verticle lines.
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Elveda Vase
Enlightenment gloss-glazed orange trumpet 40cm vase.
Isira vase, yellow metal simple vase.
Isira Vase
Isold vase, 2 ring, blue matte latex glaze vase.
Isold Vase
Isolde vase, tall, blue matte latex glaze vase.
Isolde Vase
Luna large glass vase with brass collar.
Niza vase, wide, matte black terracotta with gloss white line pattern.
Niza Deco Vase
Noak vase, terracotta with blue/grey/white speckled glaze.
Noak Vase
North large and small etched clear glass vase / tealight holders styled with thistles.
Peacock feather tall black vase.
Pimpri low cut glass dark-brown vase.
Pimpri Vase
Polo stoneware vase.
Polo Vase
Recycled PET plastic flowerpot cover / baskets as flowerpot covers styled with plants..
Round recycled amber (yellow) coloured glass vase.
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Recycled Glass Vase-Golden Oak
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Sacco brown glass large vase.
Sacco green glass medium vase.
Sacco grey glass small vase.
Seam yellow speckle vase with full height ridge on one side, l-r: large - small.
Tori glass vase with green glass interior and smoked glass donut-shaped exterior.
Troy vase, black terracotta jug shape, with white circle and narrow arch pattern.
Troy Vase
Tube paprika recycled glass vase.
Tube pink recycled glass vase.
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Tuscan yellow metal jug / vase with angled handle.