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Sea Creatures earthenware Shoal platter, 36.5 cm.
Shoal Platter
Travel tumbler, blue, 350 ml.
Laboratorio D'Estorias Portuguese Ruff chrome green large vase.
Snake 30x40 cm print with gold foil detail.
Snake Print
Birds 30x40 cm print with gold foil detail.
Birds Print
Empty Spaces Light 30x40 cm print.
Colour Crafted 02 30x40 cm print.
Serious Dreamer 30x40 cm print.
Red With Pearls 30x40 cm print.
The Suit 30x40 cm print.
The Suit Print
Black Pants 30x40 cm print.
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Tiger 30x40 cm print with gold foil detail.
Tiger Print
Purist nut notebook, A4.
Mystic leaf-print grey-green ceramic vase.
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Sepia glass teacup with teak saucer.
Pebble moss green teapot.
Brim white teapot with stainless steel infuser.
Veggies linen tea towel.
Sardines linen tea towel.
Sardines linen tablecloth, 1.45m wide by 2m length.
Veggies linen tablecloth, 1.5m wide by 3m length.
Uma ochre medium lay-flat notebook.
Not-a-bag re-usable fold-away pouch, blue, shown as backpack.
Dachshund coaster.
Axel stoneware vase, natural.
Axell Vase
Arnstein leaf motif large vase, natural.
Arild Vase
Agnetha blue glass tall bud vase.
Dotty ceramic vase, smoked pine.
Dotty Vase
Hjalte spoke ring bud small vase, tapestry.
Hjalte ring bud large vase, tapestry.
Combine grey ceramic vase, large.
Tiny tall vase (24 cm) blue mirage.
Tiny Tall Vase
Tiny wide vase (23 cm) blue mirage.
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Tiny Vase
Water hyacinth basket, 41 cms.
Marble triple jar with white, black and rose marble stackable jars with acacia lid.
White marble salt jar with brass spoon.
Drop drinking glass, blue.
Concrete jar with blue crackle glazed lid.
Concrete Jar
Terrain Large Mug
Splatter bud vase, l-r, small, medium, large.
Terrazzo lantern with terrazzo base and glass lantern.
Scale textured pink small flowerpot.
Lattice green and natural ceramic stoneware votive.
Lattice Votive
Cane coat rack.
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Cane Coat Rack
Terrain Leaves small vase.
Bubble glass votive, green.
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Willow non-slip Unitea rectangular tray.
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