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Clean Slate Candles
Dogs rhubarb and ginger scented candle in glass vessel with black dogs print.
Aromatherapy Positive Energy scented candle.
Botanical Fig Leaf scented candle.
Box 50 Tea Lights
Off-white 24 cm dinner candles in a bundle.
Cozy nectarine scented candle, red vessel with gold base, in gift box.
N(oel) scented candle, O(r) scented candle, E(toile) scented candle, L(ove) scented candle.
Winter Garden, Beau Sapin / Beautiful Tree, scented candle.
On the Slopes scented candles, top row, l-r: green '16' 'in the forest', black '35' 'on the glacier'; bottom row, l-r: red '23' 'mulled wine', blue '02' 'at the fireside'.
Bag of 13 gold mini candles.
Taper candles l-r: white, ivory, clementine, Christmas red.
4 gold taper candles.
4 gold dinner candles.
Shades of yellow-orange-red dinner candle colour samples, l-r: sunflower, pollen, clementine, nasturtium, tomato.
Shades of blue dinner candles colour sample,l-r: St Barts, Belle Ile, Ouessant, Cap Ferrat and St malo.
Shades of green dinner candles colour sample, l-r: basil, meadow, olive, moss.
Shades of pink-purple dinner candle colour samples, l-r: pale pink, dahlia, peony, heather, pansy.
Naturals dinner cadles colour sample, l-r: white, linen, cloud, slate, black.
Tealight tongs.
Candle sharpener.
Candle Parer
Christmas red pillar candles, l-r: votive - 10 hr, small - 50 hr, medium - 75 hr, large - 125 hr burn time.
Red Pillar Candle
From €2.80
Red tealight, box of 9, burn time of 4 hours.
Off-white pillar candles, l-r: votive, 10 cm, 15 cm, and 20 cm.
Ivory Pillar Candle
From €2.50
Off-white 30 cm taper candles in a bundle.
Stag brass candle snuffer.
Botanical Green Black Oak scented candle.
6 Christmas red candles.