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Box of 4 Taper Candles - Dark Red
4 gold dinner candles.
Bell Candle Holder
Birthday Candles
Box of 4 extra-large tea lights in clear cups, unboxed.
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Honey
Box of 4 Taper Candles - Old Rose
Box of 12 Mini Red Candles
Box of 12 Church Candles
Clear cup tea lights, 10 of 60.
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Box of 8 Dinner Candles
Clean Slate espresso and coconut scented candle in apothecary-style jar, with aroma notes.
Dinner Candle Black
Dinner Candle Blue
Dinner Candle Dark Blue
Dinner Candle Dark Grey
Dinner Candle Green
Dinner Candle Red
Christmas red pillar candles, l-r: votive - 10 hr, small - 50 hr, medium - 75 hr, large - 125 hr burn time.
Red Pillar Candle
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