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Amalfi set of 3 astral blue ceramic bud vases.
Big Stripe large, blue/grey striped vases.
Blown round mouth-blown glass vase.
Blue / black honeycomb patterned flowerpot with gold base.
Bronze stoneware vase.
Capsule blue stripe glass vase.
Capsule green stoneware vase.
Daikon blue stoneware vase.
Daikon Vase
Gloss green glass vase.
Green glass votive and vase set with round paulownia tray.
8 votive set on paulownia wood tray.
Inca brown stoneware flowerpot.
Leaf dark grey ceramic flowerpot.
Leaf green glass vase with brass base.
Misty small blue drip-glazed flowerpot.
Nature cream round stoneware vase.
Naya green enameled metal flowerpot.
Naya Flowerpot
Naya green enameled metal vase.
Naya Vase
Notched green glass onion-shaped vase.
Ombre Stoneware Vase
Orange small flowerpot.
Oval ribbed green glass vase.
Pomeganate green crackle stoneware vase.
Ruched blue stoneware vase.
Shell textured flowerpot, grey.
Speckle set of two blue bud vases.
Spike tall natural glaze stoneware vase with spikey surface.
Spotty glass vase with brown and teal spots.
Straight blue stoneware flowerpot in gold saucer.
Terraz speckled tall vase.
Test tube vase with 5 test tubes in a green copper antique frame.
Test Tube Vase
Tivoli blue stoneware vase with white speckled and textured surface.
Trellis Flowerpot
Pattern hexagonal blue ombre glass vase, with cut-glass band.
Triple test tube vase.
Blue stoneware flowerpot with saucer.
Blue glass votive in grey marble base.
Joelle green stoneware vase.
Joelle Vase
Free Spirit ceramic angular vase.
Rhythm square yellow glass vase.
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Boogie Nights blue glass vase.