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Laboratorio D'Estorias Portuguese Ruff chrome green large vase.
Glass Paperweight
Arnstein leaf motif large vase, natural.
Arild Vase
Hjalte spoke ring bud small vase, tapestry.
Hjalte ring bud large vase, tapestry.
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Amalfi set of 3 ashley (pale) blue ceramic bud vases.
Grey trellis small flowerpot.
Straight blue stoneware flowerpot in gold saucer.
Blue / black honeycomb patterned flowerpot with gold base.
Shell textured flowerpot, grey.
Leaf dark grey ceramic flowerpot.
Leaf Flowerpot
Pomeganate green crackle stoneware vase.
Misty small blue drip-glazed flowerpot.
Mesh blue stoneware flowerpot, large.
Volume pink glass bud vase.
Concrete Flower Pot
Deco white glazed vase.
Deco Vase
Dimple purple glazed stoneware vase with dimple detail around collar.
Owl Flowerpot
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Owl Flowerpot
Cocoon multi-colour glaze vase.
Cocoon Vase
Collected monochrome flowerpot, large.
Arroyo white glazed with unglazed stripe vase.
Arroyo Vase
Galaxy black and white matt glazed vases, set of 3, l-r: h: 7.5 cm; Ø: 10 cm; h: 10 cm; Ø: 8.5 cm; h: 12.5 cm; Ø: 6 cm.
Concentric green and black glazed wide vase.
Concentric green and black glazed tall vase.
Tortoise deco green glazed terracotta flowerpot.
Peacock blue glazed terracotta flowerpot.
Arkin Enamel Vase
Brydis Flower Pot
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Sodalime green glass vase.
Twig Ceramic Lantern
Sodalime pink glass vase.
Duality vases, l-r; wide and tall sand and white stoneware vase.
Pleat blue flowerpot.