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Aif Flow 24 white 'spiral staircase' mobile with beech weight.
Unitea beech rounded-off square coaster.
Bee Free black, yellow and white fine bone china mug by Arthouse Unlimited.
Tempest blue decanter and smoked glass set, shown as each item.
Decorative Golden Oriole
Decanter dual bristle washing up brush.
Decanter Brush
Angels of the Deep, blue, red and white, 100% cotton tea towel, folded.
Blue Dogs, blue and white, 100% cotton tea towel, folded.
Cats, line-drawn red and white, 100% cotton tea towel,folded.
Cats Tea Towel
Dogs, black and white, 100% cotton tea towel, folded.
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Dogs Tea Towel
Brass-finish aluminium tray with hammered pattern, 32 cm diameter.
Brass Tray
Mahika black aluminium tray with hand-etched intricate pattern, 40.5 cm diameter.
Mahika Tray
Miza Mini green glass vases with brass collar, l-r: wide-tall.
Bee Free, yellow, black and white, 100% cotton tea towel, folded.
Bee Tea Towel
Reeded glass rectangular black metal lantern, small.
Footed green glazed ceramic plant pot with 3 feet, large.
Tori glass vase with green glass interior and smoked glass donut-shaped exterior.
Purple glazed waffle vase, large.
Purple glazed waffle plant pot, large.
Blue-brown textured glaze ceramic plant pots, set of 2.
Pedestal palnt pot with black and white pinstripe glaze, large.
Face abstract beige ceramic wall plaque.
Austerlitz oak veneer 30 cm wall clock with black hour and minute hands and red second hand.
Paysage Wall Key Ring
Verriere 10cm x 15 cm photo frame in landscape orientation.
Tree beech wood ply trivet, 1 lying down as a trivet and 1 standing on it's base as a decorative 'tree'.
Tree Trivet
Branch beech salad servers, in stand to look like a tree.
Dune vase, with sand-coloured ombre glaze, large.
Terrazzo and concrete wall clock with brass hands.
Laboratorio D'Estorias Grasshopper with green faience head and body and brass legs and antennae.
Laboratorio D'Estorias Butterfly with orange faience wings and brass body, legs and antennae.
Amelia porcelain milk jug with blue leaf motif, and lidded sugar bowl with blue trailing floral motif, and bamboo spoon.
Camellia 21.5 cm porcelain serving dish, wth retro blue leaf pattern.
Camellia porcelain cup wth retro blue leaf pattern.
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Camellia Cup
Camellia 11.5 cm porcelain bowl wth retro blue leaf pattern.
Camellia Bowl
Notabag Stripe Folding Tote/Backpack
Mud stacked 'donut' ceramic glazed plant pot.
Seashore vase, blue glaze fading to unglazed stoneware base.
Fan Votive
Fan Votive
Teardrop Planter
Blue Bud Vase Set
Handle white ceramic planter with hanging handle, large.
Marks Jungle B6 storage 2020-2021 diary, turquoise.
Silhouette crayon line drawing of a woman's head and face, 30 x 40 cm print.
Gingko Pop weekly desk planner.
In Season A5 notebook, purple background with overlapping pink and red apples.
Glasshouse A5 notebook, abstract geometric green and sky blue pattern on olive green background.
Gingko Pop sketchbook, sky blue background with overlapping pink and red flowers, with orange overlap.
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