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North large and small etched clear glass vase / tealight holders styled with thistles.
Lemon Yellow glazed terracotta vase.
Oval vase with hole for visible stems.
Oval Vase
Miza large green glass vase with brass collar.
Sacco brown glass large vase.
Sacco green glass medium vase.
Sacco grey glass small vase.
Luna large glass vase with brass collar.
Bugle blue glazed vase with handle.
Bugle Vase
Triple test tube vase.
Mahika Vase
2 Ring vase natural stoneware with matt latex glaze.
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Two Ring Vase
Peacock feather tall black vase.
191 porcelain plant pot earth grey.
192 plant pot with saucer, beige.
192 Plant Pot
193 plant pot large, blue-grey glaze.
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Footed green glazed ceramic plant pot with 3 feet, large.
Purple glazed waffle plant pot, large.
Blue-brown textured glaze ceramic plant pots, set of 2.
Mud stacked 'donut' ceramic glazed plant pot.
Teardrop Planter
Handle white ceramic planter with hanging handle, large.
Thumb Print black and white flowerpot.
Seepod olive green stoneware vase.
Kavari small black glazed ceramic wall-hung planter with chevron design.
Stoneware double height flowerpot.
Duo Flowerpot
Straight blue stoneware flowerpot in gold saucer.
Face grey glazed flowerpot.
Face Flowerpot
Owl Flowerpot
Owl Flowerpot
Blue / black honeycomb patterned flowerpot with gold base.
Paula Flowerpot and saucer, ecru and green gloss glaze.
Strata glazed stoneware flowerpot.
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White Circles glazed terracotta flowerpot.
Laboratorio D'Estorias Portuguese blackbird decorative object.
Decorative Golden Oriole
Laboratorio D'Estorias Grasshopper with green faience head and body and brass legs and antennae.
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Recycled PET plastic flowerpot cover / basket, set of 3.
Berries storage basket with handles.
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Berries Basket
Oak log / magazine carrier.
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Thin snowflake porcelain votive.
Angle amber metal candlestick for dinner candle.
Cone Soapstone Votive
Dolomite white marble candlestick.
Dolomite white marble votive.
Black stoneware candlestick with short black candle.
Orbital large candle holder / planter, black matte porcelain, styled with succulents.
Geo Menni Lantern, brass with glass.
Gold base frosted glass votive, four colours, top row: earth and white; bottom row: blue and green.
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