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Bulb Vase
Bulb Vase
Round french vanilla (yellow) recycled glass vase.
Circle brass-finish iron candleholder, simple holder with vertical circle as a finger holder.
Ivy Light Chain
Clear cup tea lights, 10 of 60.
Clean Slate espresso and coconut scented candle in apothecary-style jar, with aroma notes.
Single balloon mobile.
Life and Thread mobile with blue, yellow, black and red 'sails' orbitting a small green globe.
Only 1 left!
Box of 4 extra-large tea lights in clear cups, unboxed.
Ata vase, yellow stoneware, art-deco style rectangular shape.
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Ata Vase
Troy vase, black terracotta jug shape, with white circle and narrow arch pattern.
Troy Vase
Asya vase, blue stoneware irregular shaped vase with handle-like hole (on r/h/s).
Asya Vase
Skittle white stoneware vase with a 'face' and 'dress' in a skittle shape.
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Embla Vase
Luckly Cat oak and ash figure with adjustable head.
Only 2 left!
Lucky Cat
Dream Tree 3D pop out card.
Grasshopper 3D cardboard wall decoration.
Wrap Hooks oval, set of 3, l-r, small - grey, medium - green, large - blue.
Wrap Hooks, Circle
Tube paprika recycled glass vase.
Comet butterfly wall decoration, set of 3.
Swallowtail butterfly wall decoration, set of 3.
Green dragonfly wall decoration, set of 3.
Honey bee wall decration, set of 3.
Sacco brown glass large vase.
Sacco green glass medium vase.
Sacco grey glass small vase.
Luna large glass vase with brass collar.
Happy Dog oak, maple and leather figure with adjustable legs and head.
Happy Dog
Copper butterfly 3D decorative wall object.
Flensted 3 Balloons (coloured) mobile.
Greenery light chain - battery operated.
Dragonfly Wall Decoration
Violin beetle 3D cardboard decorative object.
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