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Niza vase, wide, matte black terracotta with gloss white line pattern.
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Niza Deco Vase
Isolde vase, tall, blue matte latex glaze vase.
Isolde Vase
Isold vase, 2 ring, blue matte latex glaze vase.
Isold Vase
Elice vase, bottle shaped with incised curves in white glaze.
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Elice Vase
Evi tray, caramel marble carved in the shape of a flower.
Evi Tray
Ngan green'face' shaped stoneware tray.
Ngan Tray
Tulsi trinket tray by Designers Guild with basil leaf motif in green and blue.
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Pimpri low cut glass dark-brown vase.
Pimpri Vase
Off-white 30 cm taper candles in a bundle.
Ivory Pillar Candle
Ivory Pillar Candle
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Mama & Baby Seal
Candle sharpener.
Candle Parer
Tealight tongs.
Naturals dinner cadles colour sample, l-r: white, linen, cloud, slate, black.
Shades of pink-purple dinner candle colour samples, l-r: pale pink, dahlia, peony, lilac, heather, pansy.
Shades of green dinner candles colour sample, l-r: basil, chive, olive, moss.
Shades of blue dinner candles colour sample,l-r: St Barts, Belle Ile, Ouessant, Cap Ferrat and St malo.
Shades of yellow-orange-red dinner candle colour samples, l-r: sunflower, pollen, clementine, nasturtium, tomato.
Starburst copper light chain detail of individual star.
Delta Oak Clock with black hands.
Clear cup tea lights, 10 of 60.
Box of 4 extra-large tea lights in clear cups, unboxed.
Birthday Candles
Delta matt black lacquered clack with white hands.
West Highland Terrier bookend.
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Angle amber metal candlestick for dinner candle.
Mahika black metal hanging planter with etched design, large.
Hexagon Menni Lantern, brass and glass.
Grasshopper 3D cardboard wall decoration.
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Pink Bee 3D decorative wall object.
Peacock feather tall black vase.
Polo stoneware vase.
Polo Vase
Tuscan yellow metal jug / vase with angled handle.
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193 plant pot large, blue-grey glaze.
192 plant pot with saucer, beige.
192 Plant Pot
Berries storage basket with handles.
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Berries Basket
Capsule pink/clear extending glass vase.
Cone Soapstone Votive
Dolomite white marble candlestick.
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Abstract face stoneware vase with line drawn abstract face on a natural background with earth-toned brush strokes.
Black stoneware candlestick with short black candle.
Ocean blue terracotta textured vase.
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Ocean Vase
Wrap Hooks, Circle
Tori glass vase with green glass interior and smoked glass donut-shaped exterior.
Folklore light chain - battery operated.
Purple glazed waffle plant pot, large.
Laboratorio D'Estorias Butterfly with orange faience wings and brass body, legs and antennae.
Mud stacked 'donut' ceramic glazed plant pot.
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