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Dinner Candle Blue
Dinner Candle Bronze Green
Dinner Candle Caramel
Dinner Candle Dark Blue
Dinner Candle Dark Grey
Dinner Candle Green
Dinner Candle Mauve
Dinner Candle Moka
Dinner Candle Orange
Dinner Candle Pale Grey
Dinner Candle Pastel Blue
Dinner Candle Pastel Green
Dinner Candle Pastel Rose
Dinner Candle Red
Dinner Candle Taupe
Dinner Candle Terracotta
Dinner Candle Yellow
Donna Vase
Donna Vase
Green dragonfly wall decoration, set of 3.
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Ella Vase
Ella Vase
Elveda vase, onion-shaped black stoneware with rows of white verticle lines.
Elveda Vase
Flensted 3 Balloons (coloured) mobile.
Flower Press
Flower Press
Folklore 40 cm circle, with 108 led lights - battery operated, styled hanging on a wall over a sofa and side table.
Fountain Glass Candlestick - Apricot
Fountain Glass Candlestick - Mistletoe
Giant Lady beetle 3D cardboard wall decoration.
Giant Butterfly Decoration - Bellissima
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Giant Butterfly Decoration - Mint Forest
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Giant Butterfly Decoration - Ochre Costa
Giant Dragonfly Decoration - Blue
Giant green dragonfly 3D cardboard wall decoartion.
Grasshopper 3D cardboard wall decoration.
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Greenery light chain - battery operated.
Happy Dog oak, maple and leather figure with adjustable legs and head.
Happy Dog
Hexagon Candle Holder
Hexagon Vase Amber Large
Hexagon Vase Amber Small
Hexagon Vase Clear Large
Hexagon Vase Clear Small
Iko Vase
Iko Vase
Imoa flowerpot, rough glazed stoneware with four feet, and blue/sandglazed upper.
Imoa Flowerpot
Imre Vase
Imre Vase
Indiya candlestick, dark grey metal in a 'turned wood' style.
Irregular Candle Holders
Isold vase, 2 ring, blue matte latex glaze vase.
Isold Vase
2 Ring vase natural stoneware with matt latex glaze.
Jamey Candlesticks
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