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Capsule pink/clear extending glass vase.
Marks Colours Agenda A5 storage 2020-2021 diary, yellow.
Notebook calendar 2021 large, green.
Marks Flowers Pattern Agenda B6 storage 2020-2021 diary, ivory.
Marks Geometric Agenda A5 storage 2020-2021 diary, blue.
Marks B6 storage 2020-2021 diary, yellow.
Not-a-bag re-usable fold-away pouch, red, shown as backpack.
Superfolk  Seaweed note cards
Sepia glass mug.
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Good Morning Gold Circle
Good Morning espresso cup, white glaze with gold-finish handle.
Starburst Light Chain
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Into the Wild by Studio Donegal, Seascape, large throw, shades of blue and pale grey check.
Donegal Days by Studio Donegal, Summer small wool throw, yellow, green and grey check.
Dream Tree 3D pop out card.
Grasshopper 3D cardboard wall decoration.
Pink Bee 3D decorative wall object.
Strata glazed stoneware flowerpot.
Peacock feather tall black vase.
Polo stoneware vase.
Polo Vase
White Circles glazed terracotta flowerpot.
Leather round coasters; top row, l-r: navy,pink; middle row, l-r: mint, dark grey; bottom row, l-r: light grey, brick.
Leather round placemat, pink.
CAST Canister
CAST clear glass water jug with lid.
CAST Water Jug
CAST clear glass milk jug with glass lid.
CAST clear glass olive oil / sauce jug.
CAST Oil Jug
193 plant pot large, blue-grey glaze.
192 plant pot with saucer, beige.
192 Plant Pot
Recycled PET plastic flowerpot cover / basket, set of 3.
Berries storage basket with handles.
Berries Basket
Oak log / magazine carrier.
Oak Carrier
'O' mouth-blown glass pitcher.
'O' Pitcher
Stilt black metal flowerpot.
Lunar blue-green textured vase.
Lunar Vase
Black stoneware candlestick with short black candle.
Ocean blue terracotta textured vase.
Ocean Vase
Wrap Hooks, Mini Circle, Set of 3
Wrap Hooks oval, set of 3, l-r, small - grey, medium - green, large - blue.
Wrap Hooks, Circle
Ceramic Lab mug, white.
Irish Lighthouses cotton tea towel.
Goergian Doors cotton tea towel, with primary coloured doors.
Dublin Bridges cotton tea towel.
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Plan Your Week oblong perpetual desk planner, ,black cover.
Plan white lettering on red background, monthly planner.
Plan white lettering on red background, weekly planner.
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PRIVATE orange notebook with white lettering.
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