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Kruger by Emma J. Shipley pink round tray, 39 cm.
Straight blue stoneware flowerpot in gold saucer.
Merci small deep plate, blue-grey.
Merci medium deep plate, off-white.
Merci large extra-deep plate, ochre-brown.
Wildlife by Patch NYC blue butterfly placemat.
Cats collection placemat, teal.
Dogs collection tablemat.
Ribbed glass champagne coupe.
Merci small shallow plate, blue-grey.
Merci Medium Shallow Plate
Merci large shallow plate, off-white.
Merci extra large shallow plate, blue-grey.
Blue / black honeycomb patterned flowerpot with gold base.
Undulating Twill Small Wool Throw by Studio Donegal
Studio Donegal undulating twill large wool throw, carrot.
Milk bottle brushes in can, styled.
Delta dust pan and brush.
Kruger by Emma J Shipley pink small rectangular tray, 27 x 20 cm.
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Glass tea / coffee mug, large.
Merci cup, blue-grey.
Wildlife by Patch NYC crested crane coaster.
Cutlery tea towel, white.
Cutlery by Michael Angove round tray, pale blue, 39 cm.
Fish and fish green glass large tumber.
Fish and fish green glass carafe.
Fish and fish 'Depression' green glass bottle with lid.
Box-it bread box by RigTig, dusty green with bamboo lid/breadboard.
Box-it butter box by RigTig, dusty green with bamboo lid.
Bicycle creamware mug.
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Bicycle Mug
Emma vacuum infuser teapot, pale grey.
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Emma Milk Jug
Emma Milk Jug
Emma Sugar Bowl
Zinc coffee glass.
Bistrot wine glass, small.
Coteau wine goblet.
Dublin typographic map, 70 cm x 50 cm, deep sea green, pictured framed.
Puddin'head deer animal coaster.
City glass tumbler.
Ginger tabby teal coaster.
Emma set of two grey ceramic mugs, 1 plae grey and 1 dark grey.
Kruger by Emma J Shipley teal large rectangular tray, 43 x 33 cm.
Merci medium extra-deep plate, blue-grey.
Puddin'head lobster animal placemat.
Shake-It by RigTig dressing shaker, glass with twist open pouring cap.
Sweep-it crumb brush and dust pan set by RigTig.
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Roll-it kitchen roll holder by RigTig, rubberwood post with grey melamine base.
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